You Used To Call Me Daddy, If You Don’t Respect Yourself As An ‘Apakye’ Then I Will Also Prove I Don’t Also Respect Myself’–Shatta Wale Discombobulates Stonebwoy In New Song ‘No Mercy For The Cripple’

Stonebwoy & Shatta Wale


seems the feud between Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale is getting very serious and it’s obvious Shatta Wale is still hurt within as well and not ready to let things go as he’s come again for Stonebwoy in a new dancehall tune titled ‘No Mercy For The Cripple’. He’s been mocking Stonebwoy’s disability for some past few days now and his reason was that Stonebwoy also mocked him with his big mouth on Snapchat.

It’s very hard to actually defend any of them but it appears Shatta Wale is taking things too far now. I mean if Stonebwoy at some point, passed an unfortunate comment about the size of your mouth and said other things you didn’t like, you have every right to mock him too but Shatta Wale is simply overdoing it and like I said, it’s very tough to even take a stance in this one as a blogger as the fans would still insult you anyways, so I will not share my opinion on this one but sit on the fence.

The new Stonebwoy diss song ‘No Mercy For The Cripple’ is a complete and a direct diss song to Stonebwoy–yes, his name was mentioned in the song and Shatta Wale didn’t mince his words at all–He called Stonebwoy an ‘apakye’ a term used to describe a person who’s disabled in the leg in Ghana.

The story about Stonebwoy’s leg is that he suffered an unfortunate accident in the past, which claimed the life of his twin brother but he was able to survive. He was not born that way, but just a victim of an accident in the past, but despite that, he didn’t give up on life and worked hard on his dreams to become the Stonebwoy he is today. Looking at his past and the circumstances he went through in the past, his fans and some Ghanaians who adore him, take soo much inspiration from him as he’s grown to become successful–He’s a role model and an inspiration to a lot of people, so it’s understandable that people get angry when he’s being mocked with that ‘apakye’ term because he was never born that way.

In all of these, you can’t place all the blame on Shatta Wale although he’s overdoing things right now but he also suffers victimization about the size of his mouth and recently even had to defend himself, saying that his mouth size was small and said even Jay Z who has an equally big mouth is not even mocked that way.

It’s obvious although Zylofon Music has said they manage both musicians, they do not have any control over the kind of songs their artistes release out there. The head of communications for the company, Atuobi Baah Samuel, aka Sammy Flex was quoted to have said in an interview that the company didn’t care if their signed artiste decides to beef.

In the song ‘No Mercy For the Cripple’ Shatta Wale says if Stonebwoy who’s an ‘apakye’ doesn’t want to respect himself, then he won’t also respect himself. ( That’s not the first time he’s giving such a warning, he has a track where he uses such general statement to warn people, I have forgotten the title). And even goes ahead to ask Stonebwoy if Zylofon belongs to him for him to be acting that way.

Shatta Wale is also not dissing Stonebwoy just because he’s mocked him on Snapchat but also because Stonebwoy had said in an interview that he was better than Shatta Wale lyrically and musically, something he never wanted to hear. (But like, what is wrong if someone feels he’s better than you? It’s dancehall and even in rap music, every rapper says he’s the best, it’s a matter of proving yourself, so the people judge and not turn it into personal attacks.)

Sincerely, I am saddened by this and Nana Appiah Mensah must do something about this. These two acts are all good acts chale.