You can’t diagnose common malaria, how can you detect Coronavirus” – Ibrah 1

Controversial Ghanaian young billionaire Ibrah thinks the deadly disease called corona Virus is in Ghana.

He posted on his Instagram story saying everything about Ghana is poor because Ghanaian health workers finds it difficult to diagnose common malaria not to even talk of detecting corona Virus.

According to him, Ghana can only detect this disease when a politician or a big person in this country gets infected.

He added that, how can we know if our brothers in the zongo communities have been infected because going for checkup is a difficult thing for them.

He wrote;

“I strongly believe coronavirus is in Ghana. Our medical experts couldn’t confirm it because of poor technology. Some hospitals couldn’t diagnose common malaria and you think they can detect this strange virus.

Ghana can only confirm coronavirus if someone very big in the country get infected. How can they know if someone in zongo have the virus. Someone who can’t afford 3 square meal not to talk of going for checkup

Our technology level is far behind. The virus is in Ghana