VIDEO: Nana Agraada reveals the Guy who produces Pastors With the Togo Cars that they Dash Out

Nana Agraada has reveal the guy who smuggle Togo cars to the pastors to dash out.

Car dashing has become a main stay in God’s ministry in Ghana with the pioneer being Prophet Badu Kobi.

Rev. Obofour has taken to the next level by dashing cars to friends and church members at will.

According Nana Agraada, these pastors don’t acquire the cars in a legitimate means as they get them through a certain

Nana Agraada says if these pastors really have money like they brag, they should import cars legitimately and pay huge import duties.


man who smuggle them into the country.

She says the cars these pastors dash out are smugglers into the country from Togo by a certain Nana Yaw.