The silence you keep when you found money in your Husband pocket during laundry,please kindly maintain same when u found Condom – Kofi mole Advise ladies

Ghanaian musician and songwriter Kofi mole has educate the ladies not to feel bad whenever they found something unpleasant in their husband’s pocket.

The young act shared this piece of advice on his Twitter handle which received a lot of reactions from netizens.

He stated that, ladies always see themselves to be blessed whenever they find money in their husband’s pocket during laundry but gets hurt when they see condoms inside their pockets.

He added that, they should keep their maintain the silence when they find condom instead of money.

“Dear wifes de silence u keep wen u found money in ur Husband pocket during laundry plss kindly maintain same wen u found Condom. Ladies ar we Ok” he wrote.