The Real Reason Behind Ebony’s Accident

The wise say nothing is as sure as death but the supreme deity made it so unprecedented that ordinarily a soul goes without a goodbye. It is regrettable that Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng fondly known by her stage name Ebony Reigns breathed last on Thursday night following a smashing road accident. Ebony Ghana was a dancehall musician and whose death caused shock waves. She was a promising talent gone so soon but her soul will live on through her music.

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There have been contradictory reports about the death of ebony. Naturally, the blame holder would want to shift blame in bid to evade responsibility that comes with punishment and to conceal the truth. The eye witness, the driver’s and the police account differ as detective connects bits and pieces with their forensic knowledge to bring forth an affirmative report. Death of ebony was untimely and has left us shaken

Actual cause of Ebony death

Ebony Ghanaian musician may have joined the spiritual realm but what really caused her premature death? Allow me to take you through the developing tales about the death of ebony. According to Bernard Owusu, who watched the accident happen, the Jeep’s driver was driving carelessly with Ebony and two others on-board. The car lost control and got off lane, while the VIP bus driver got off the road to give way. Unfortunately, the jeep hit a pothole then collided head on with the bus.

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The now stable Jeep driver said that the accident happened when he tried evading a possible VIP bus crash. He told Adom Tv that the bus had lost control and he presumed an accident would happen. He then hit on a heap of sand left by road contractors for maintenance. It hit the bus and the jeep was then reduced to scrape. Only the driver survived.

However, a comprehensive report by the Ghana Police Service is that the car on which Ebony gh and three other were driving in collided with a VIP bus on an opposite direction route. The driver was avoiding a heap of sand when the accident occurred. The 20 year old dancehall star lost her life alongside two others with the remains taken to Bechem Government Hospital mortuary. The driver, Chartey Oko Pinehad was fortunate enough to get out of the mess alive though in critical condition. He has now stabilized. None was hurt amongst those on board on VIP bus.

Ebony musician

As aforementioned, Ebony Reign was a musician in fact one of the Ghana’s finest. How cruel are the jaws of death that they could take such a soul. Appreciatively so, we are not left alone ebony music is still part of us. In the period 2017/2018, Ebony Gospel has been able to release several songs featuring other artistes and some as individual work.

Ebony songs include; Sponsor, Twerk, Maame, Date Ur Fada, Hustle, Aseda and Haters Anthem just to mention but a few. The latest release was Konkonsa Police which marked her 21 years, sad that she did live long enough to promote and market the song. Her legacy nonetheless lives on as Ebony Music lingers on.