Ten Awesome Things you need to know or Learn From Sarkodie

Michael Owusu Addo aka Sarkodie is one of the most successful recording rap artists. His repute is not limited to only Ghana, and by extension Africa, but also world over. His sustained upward trajectory in the music industry has confirmed his position as an indomitable rap kingpin. According to Sarkodie biography, he has a net worth of almost $10 million and ranked top ten richest musicians in Africa according to Forbes. With such an undeniable success rate, there are definitely one or two things to learn from this African music legend.

The ability to make sustained successes in dealings does not come by accident. It takes keen, disciplined strategies to ensure consistent success in the music industry. Renowned Ghanaian rap music artist Sarkodie continues to record milestone success in the rap music industry. His fame and fortune has steadily continued to skyrocket and has now transcended Ghanaian and African boundaries to the world. Not only is Sarkodie a rapper, but also a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Sarkodie has taken a legendary path in his music career. His footprint cannot be left out in the African rap music history. Here are ten awesome things you can learn from Sarkodie’s “Sarkcess”.

Sarkodie biography

Here are a few awesome things to learn from Sarkodie’s biography.

1. Be passionate

One of the interesting facts unknown to many about Sarkodie is that he began his music career in 1992 when he was four. This aspect of Sarkodie’s biography teaches that there is money in love and not in work. Work on your passion and you will be rewarded.

2. Be determined

Sarkodie began to be praised for his musical talent back when he was in Achimota Preparatory School. This is a testimony of Sarkodie’s determination to become what he is today.

Here are a few awesome things you can learn from Sarkodie’s songs and music career.

Sarkodie songs

1. Be unique

Sarkodie has a clever way of quick freestyle rapping. The unique fact about his rapping is that he also does it in his native diatome (Twi). Build your own unique brand and you can strike a goldmine. Sarkodie latest songs have that unique taste.

2. Do not despise humble beginnings

Sarkodie began his professional music career through a radio station, Adom FM. After continuous underground rap battles, Sarkodie recorded his songs “Baby” and “Makye” to cement his legacy. Do not condemn small beginnings. Start from the bottom upwards and avoid controversial topics like baseless Sarkodie Illuminati or Sarkodie dead rumors.

3. Build a network

Sarkodie did not build his music empire alone. His success is dependent on numerous collaborations with people who had gone ahead of him. For instance, he worked with music managers and producers such as Hammer of the Last Two and Duncam Williams. His music also features artists like El, Jayso, Mugeez of R2Bees, Chidynma and Efya. In today’s world, anything big can become bigger through the power of networking.

4. Be opportunistic

Sarkodie has a habit of taking advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. Success does not come by accident. It is a carefully planned thing that comes by taking advantage of every available opportunity.

5. Don’t be afraid of taking risks

Sarkodie has built his music empire by being a risk taker. By organizing huge events to undertaking rap battles, Sarkodie has proven that risk taking always pays. He is always releasing new songs. For instance, Sarkodie new song is only a couple of weeks old.

Sarkodie net worth

Here are a few awesome things you can learn from Sarkodie’s net worth and wealth.

1. Be philanthropic

Sarkodie engages in philanthropy. He began a Foundation that helps needy children with their education. The lesson is that you have not separated yourself from the poor until you help the poor. Separate yourself from the poor by helping them.

2. Invest in your community

Sarkodie began a charity Foundation that essentially gives back to the community by educating needy children. Learn that you should not spend all your riches on yourself. Being a channel of wealth brings in more wealth.

3. Hustle up

Sarkodie is in the habit of not being content with the “little” he has. He is not afraid of putting in the extra work to make that extra coin. Hard work and effort always bring in that pay day. Learn to put in extra effort.