Stop playing song from sarkodi and shatta wale

Upcoming Ghanaian rapper, Koo Ntakra, is pleading with the media, especially Television and Radio presenters to concentrate on promoting upcoming artiste by playing their songs.

“Stop playing songs from Sarkodie and Shatta Wale and play songs by upcoming artiste,” he said.

Koo Ntakra further stated that the upcoming artistes have meaningful lyrics in their songs compared to others who just make noise. “The young artistes will be responsible for entertainment in the future when the likes of Sarkodie and the rest are no more”, he added.

“We the upcoming artistes will take over if the likes of Sarkodie and Shatta Wale retire or are no more so of what use will it be if we are not receiving the necessary support,” he added.

The MTN Hit Maker Season 2 winner, who raps in Akwapim suggested to Eddy Blay on eTV’s “The Late Night Celebrity Show” that a law could be passed to that effect because the upcoming arts struggle to promote theirs