Stonebwoy descended on shatta wale by calling him song thief.

Stonebwoy has strongly disputed the assertion that Shatta Wale can be considered the ‘king’ of anything, much less dancehall, after some recent antics from Wale.

According to Stonebwoy, ‘Gbee Naabu’ is nothing but a song thief who has been ‘lifting’ songs from other artists which he passes off as his own.

Stonebwoy’s comments come in the wake of Shatta Wale’s recent ‘anti-social’ behaviour, including calling Ghana a ‘village’ whilst out in Europe and disgracefully showing off his botors on stage.

Responding to that, Stonebwoy said Wale cannot be considered a dancehall king when he continues to bring the genre into disrepute with his actions.

He also accused Wale of stealing songs from other artists. According to Stonebwoy, both ‘Gringo’ and ‘My Level’ are plagiarized songs.

Shatta is yet to respond to this clear assault.