Social Media Users With Shatta Wale’s Picture As Profile Don’t Talk Sense – Archipalago Reveals

Achipalago x Shatta Wale

Good friends gone bad can be best used to describe the recent happenings emanating from the camp of Ghana’s self-professed Dancehall king Shatta Wale and Archipalago. Taking into consideration the rapport that existed between Shatta and Archipalago but within a blink, backlashes is all that we can see.

Well, the emerging beef and jabs from the camp of Shatta and Archipalago have taken a new twist as the latter has extended the trolls to the fans of the former describing them as imbeciles or better still fools/blockheads. If you could remember, Shatta Wale somewhere this week revealed how he sponsored Archipalago to America with its accompanying shopping and many others.

But in the voice of Archipalago, he can’t understand why fans of Shatta Wale should believe the lies told by their movement boss concerning his trip to America. So, to nullify the claims, he took to social media specifically Instagram and in a way insulted some fans of Shatta Wale instead.

“Anyone who thinks Shatta Wale took Archipalago to America is an Idiot, foolish, stupid and imbecile at the same damn time ???? I won’t stop until these illiterate and stinky Shatta Wale fans stop insulting me! #Legendary#PalagoMufasa #FaNe10″, he posted.

Checkout Archipalago’s IG post below