Shatta Wale will ‘take his own life’ if he doesn’t stop talking against ‘men of God’

-A prophet has advised Shatta Wale not to speak against ‘men of God’

-Prophet Charles Daddi warns that if care is not taken, Shatta Wale would commit suicide

A prophet, Charles Daddi, has cautioned Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale to be mindful of his utterances against ‘men of God’.

According to Prophet Daddi, Shatta Wale will face dire consequences if he continues in the path of ‘talking against men of God’

The prophet’s warning comes on the back of recent threats by the musician to burn down churches if [Shatta] does not die by December.

Prophet Charles Daddi has warned Shatta Wale of a possible suicide
Prophet Charles Daddi
.There have been reports of prophets predicting that Shatta Wale would die soon

There have been reports of prophets predicting that Shatta Wale would die soon

There have been reports of prophets predicting that Shatta Wale would die soon


One of such prophets, E.K Mensah, the founder and leader of the Christ Vision Prayer Ministry, is reported to have predicted that Shatta Wale would soon follow Ebony, who passed away in a tragic accident on Thursday February 8, 2018.

In a very angry reaction to these ‘prophecies’, Shatta Wale who described them as fake, gave a notice that if he does not die by the end of 2018, he, with the help of his Shatta Movement, would break down and burn churches.

But speaking in an interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwani on KOFI TV, Prophet Daddi, who claims to like Shatta Wale, stated that the Dancehall artiste should keep mute over such things or he may end up taking his own life.

Last year, I predicted that people will say a lot of things about him [Shatta] and ‘force’ him to say things he should not and if he does not take care, he will end up ‘finishing himself'”, Prophet Daddi said.

Referring to Shatta’s warning shot saga last year which he claims was a manifestation of his prophecy, the Prophet advised that the musician go down on his knees to ask for forgiveness from God for speaking against his servants.

Whether they are fake or not, he should pray for forgiveness”, Prophet Daddi added.

For him, “Shatta should know that he is a star and no matter what he does people will talk about him so he should come out to speak“.

Though, as a human, he is bound to get angry, Shatta should check his anger and “if I were Shatta I would have consulted the man of God”, the prophet said.


Meanwhile another ‘man of God’ is daringShatta Wale to carry out his threat to burn down churches.

According to Rev. Sunshine Adams, Christians would respond to the attack if Shatta’s threat is carried out.