June 20, 2021


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Shatta Wale Is Really out of His Mind – Disses Stonebwoy As A ‘Useless Crippled Beggar’ Because He Said Wale Can’t Play Live Band For 10 Minute

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This ‘Gbee Naabu’ character is a disgrace to this country and his legion of fans who follow him everywhere are just as bad.

As we’ve observed for the 2,000th time he loves attacking others but he can’t stand the barest of attacks.

Recently Stonebwoy clearly came after him, saying he’s musically and lyrically better than Shatta and mocking him for being unable to use a live band to perform.

It seems that jab about the liveband really went under Shatta Wale’s skin, as he shared that video by Joy News and went after Stonebwoy, hard!

“See villager with pride ..One leg cripple who doesn’t pity himself ..so Ghana you call this humble and respect ..apakye nyansanii.” Wale wrote under a JoyNews video of Stonebwoy saying he cannot compare to him.

“Ur sheda like my new watchman waiting on his first nite to collaborate with my area mosquitoes..You don’t understand entertainment go into ur begging business..the most foolish and senseless cripple ever….Humble my foot…..f*cker dat !!” he added.

It should be noted that Stonebwoy attacked him professionally but Wale did so personally, proving once again why Shatta is the childish one in this beef.

And how distasteful is it that everytime he wants to attack Stonebwoy he goes for his leg? Shows how his brain is really a one way machine which can’t come up with original insults.

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