‘Shatta Wale Is A Disgrace To Ghanaian Music, Even ‘Supa’ Is Better Than Him – social media Mocked shatta wale, After media Humiliating Himself And His Deluded SM Fans With Wack Freestyle

We keep blasting some of the Ghanaian musicians for their wack and gibberish kinds of music, it doesn’t mean we don’t support our own but it’s a call to keep those artistes awake.

Good music is not about bragging, making unnecessary noise on social media or tagging yourselves with undeserved titles as what the self-acclaimed dancehall king, shatta wale has been doing here in our country.

Shatta Wale earlier on BBC 1Xtra was asked to give a freestyle to clear the perception about him that, he is nothing but just a noise making artiste but, unsurprisingly, he confirmed how lyrical empty he has always been.

After disgracing himself and his deluded SM fans on BBC 1Xtra, social media users have also taken it to a new level as they continue to throw more jabs mocking him every minute.

Let’s take a moment and read some of the comments coming from our Facebook followers.