Shatta Wale Go Cry OO – Now Another Prophet Says He Would Soon Commit Suicide Out Of Frustration.

Shatta Wale’s threats to burn down churches is not really scaring any prophets as he thinks, they’re instead getting more pissed at him.

Recently a pastor said Wale would die before the end of the year, a prophesy which scared him to death but which he publicly railed against.

He has threatened to burn down churches if he doesn’t die by December as prophesied.

However, according to another prophet, Shatta would really die as prophesied and it would be by suicide.

Prophet Charles Dady claims by threatening pastors, Wale has put himself in the hands of the devil.

He postulated that Wale’s frustrations would boil over and he would simply commit suicide.

However, it seems despite all his ‘too know’, the dancehall king is afraid and has been praying against the prophecies.