Shatta Wale Flashes Michy’s FAKE A$$, Formerly ‘Disabled’ Beubs On Social Media To ‘Take Fans’ (PHOTO)


tta Wale is a big mouthed jerk who takes pleasure in mocking a cripple and dissing anyone who doesn’t lick his stinky a$$ but as we all know he’s far from perfect himself.

In fact, aside his ‘gbee naabu’ his own Shatta Michy went to surgically enhance her flat pancake beubs after receiving a few laughs on social media.

So Shatta Wale thinks Michy can undergo surgery to fix her boobs which had nothing wrong with them but he can mock Stonebwoy for fixing his leg which got injured in an accident.?

We also think if he calls Stonebwoy disabled it’s only fair that we call Michy’s beubs disabled as well – afterall they both had surgery to fix a deformity.

Now Wale is so pleased with the results of that surgery he’s flaunting Michy on social media for ‘fans’.

“A woman full of life,” he captioned the post