Shatta Wale enstooled as ‘Dancehall King’ by Tamale Chief

Shatta Wale has been given the title of a “Dancehall Naa” which literally translates as “Dancehall King” by a Tamale Chief, Nyeb-Dakpema Fusieni Bawa.

The enstoolment ceremony took place today, 7th June 2019, at Dakpema Palace in Tamale.

Shatta Wale after this honor was placed on him took to his social media pages to express his sincere gratitude to chief, elders and people of Tamale.

He wrote:

Thanks to his eminence the Chief and elders of the palace in Tamale, the people and youth of Tamale for the honor bestowed upon me.

I know your prayers and love will fortify this union and open doors for the youth and people in Tamale and the rest of northern people.

I am humbled.”