Shatta Wale Doing More Than He Was Signed To Do At Zylofon & It’s Intimidating Stonebwoy

There are rumours that Stonebwoy wants to leave Zylofon media but there are no confirmed reports to indicate if indeed he’s feeling uncomfortable at the giant record label he joined last year. No one imagined that Shatta Wale would ever join Zylofon especially when his competitor Stonebwoy is already on the record label.

Some have argued that it’s not going to help as both artistes are dancehall acts and are currently the top 2 biggest dancehall acts in the country, so it wouldn’t be interesting to have both of them on the same record label.

Before Shatta Wale could even be officially unveiled as the new act on the label, he had recorded a song for Zylofon already. He was seen hanging out a couple of times with the Zylofon media boss Nana Appiah Mensah before he was even officially announced.

It was very obvious that Nana Appiah Mensah had some special interest in Shatta Wale and a big fan, soo much that, when Wale agreed to join his record label, he couldn’t hide the excitement he felt. Remember, his Instagram post about that Rolls Royce?

Comparing Shatta Wale’s signing to that of Stonebwoy, there was a clear difference as Shatta Wale’s own was treated differently as compared to Stonebwoy’s signing. Shatta Wale’s official announcement as the latest to join the record label was the biggest, we’ve ever seen. There was a stage, live tv, his fans were there, a much better press conference, and all that for Wale and fans of Shatta Wale as usual, did not spare the opportunity to tease the fans of Stonebwoy, and remind them yet again, why Wale was bigger than Stonebwoy.

But is this really enough reason to make Stonebwoy feel uncomfortable? Well, even the head of communications at Zylofon Media, Samuel Atuobi Baah realised Shatta Wale was treated differently and apologized on radio for that, saying that, it was never their intention and that, they love all artistes signed at the label same way.

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Well, that’s just PR talk! There are more other reasons Stonebwoy is feeling uncomfortable at the label.’

appears Shatta Wale is doing more than he was paid for. He’s become like a promoter of the Zylofon Media brand and he’s posted about Zylofon on Social media more than any of the signed acts at the label.

He did a song for Zylofon, customized one of his cars with Z and Wale wouldn’t skip a Social media post without mentioning Zylofon Media. If you are a follower of Shatta Wale on Social media, there is no way, you wouldn’t know about Zylofon Media because if the post is not about Zylofon Media, he will at least mention them in a hashtag.

Has Stonebwoy done same since joining the record label? He hardly mentions the Zylofon Brand in his posts and use the hashtags. We can’t recall any post from Stonebwoy hyping the brand as much as Shatta Wale does on Social media.

We don’t know if that was stipulated in the terms of the contract for Shatta Wale or he just loves to promote the brand he’s signed on.

Now all of these is making Stonebwoy feel uncomfortable at the label! Could it be that Wale was made 3x what he was paid, that’s why Shatta Wale is promoting them more on Social media than Stonebwoy? Or the Bhim nation president feels since it’s not in the contract, then there’s no need?