Shatta Wale has Been Chopping his Own ‘Sister’ Which Caused His Numerous Breakups with Michy — Pope Skinny Reveals more ‘Secrets’

Shatta Wale’s relationship with Shatta Michy was doomed because Shatta Wale has a side chick he’s always chopping, a lady who he claims to be his ‘sister’.

Those are the sum of the latest bombshell revelations from Pope Skinny, who has made it his mission to make sure Shatta does not have a good night’s sleep anytime soon.

According to Wale’s former lieutenant, there is a certain lady Shatta is always banging down which causes trouble whenever he and Michy are together. The lady is an ‘ugly girl with the Chinese face’, according to Pope Skinny’s description, and her name is Magdalene Love.
Magdalene sleeps with Wale anytime, according to Pope Skinny and he also takes care of her. Skinny claims the ‘Advice’ Benz that Wale bought is actually being used by Magdalene and she is a BIG reason why his relationship with Michy never worked.
Honestly, we can’t keep count of the revelations coming from Pope Skinny but so long as they keep coming, we would report on them as this ‘beef’ keeps getting weirder.