Sarkodie Bounces Back With ‘Highest Merchandise’ After His ‘Sark Collections’ Gave Him No Profit (+ Video)

Somewhere 2013, Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie launched a clothing line dubbed “Sark Collections” but five years down the line, the rapper called everything a quit as a result of poor sales.

They say, Thomas Edison who invented the electric bulb tried 999 times before making progress so who knows if Sarkodie wants to replicate that as he has re-launched another merchandise for his brand – Highest Merchandise.

Elsewhere, Jay-Z , Diddy and others have clothing lines which are doing great but the same thing cannot be said about Ghanaian celebrities and their clothing brands. Merchandise for the Ghanaian fan who has little or no purchasing power is just over ambitious and impractical for any critical thinking celebrity to venture.

Ahh well, the SarkCess Music CEO made his merchandise intention known to the public especially his fans via his Instagram page that;

“New Highest Merch IN!!! Follow @highest.merchandise and order NOW”.

Whatever the case, we do hope that Sarkodie’s new move won’t be like Sark Collections which gave the rapper no profit so he had to close the shop to avoid going bankrupt.

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