Real Reason Why Stonebwoy Was Not Informed About R Kelly Collaboration REVEALED

Reports making rounds yesterday indicated R Kelly and Teddy Riley wanted to make records with Stonebwoy but Zylofon Music’s A&R, Willie Roi blocked the opportunity.

Talking about the development, outspoken Dancehall act Mr. Logic revealed;

“Willie Roi got a text message from the US. It was from Teddy Riley and R Kelly. They wanted a collaboration with Stonebwoy and Willie said he won’t pass it on to Stonebwoy because he is stubborn.

But Reacting to the earlier report, Willie Roi explaining to Dr Cann on Happy FM on why he kept the information from the Stonegod disclosed;

“Logic wanted to be an A&R so he could take over Bulldog’s job. When news broke that Bulldog had been sacked, Logic wanted to take over Bulldog’s job and wanted me to recommend him.

“So I gave him a job to be a distributor instead but he did not deliver.

“I would not allow Logic into my office again because what he said on radio was supposed to be confidential.

“The month of March we are talking about was when Zylofon Music was having issues with Stonebwoy. I got a call from these Americans and they had listened to our repatoire and chose Stonebwoy in Ghana. I told Logic what happened after the call.

“A lot of people were interested in Stonebwoy at the time. People in Zylofon know what I do for Stonebwoy so I don’t hate Stonebwoy because if I hate him I would not put his music out there for all these people to be interested in him.

“My job as an A&R involves a lot and the thing must be solid before I announce it to Stonebwoy.

“I was waiting for a three way meeting between R Kelly, his management and me to confirm things before I could tell the artist. But that has not happened yet.”