Prophet Nigel Gaisie reportedly curses church member for voting for NPP

Nigel Gaisie, founder and general overseer of Prophetic Hill Chapel has been accused of cursing a young lady for what he allegedly termed as “going against the church”.

Speaking to Angel FM a concerned mother has disclosed that her daughter, Bridget, who happens to be a church member of Prophetic Hill Chapel, has been cursed and she has been receiving death threat messages from the camp of Nigel Gaisie for voting for the New Patriotic Party after the church members were advised by their spiritual father to vote for the NDC.

According to the woman whose name was also Bridget, her daughter was a member of Nigel’s church and somehow her daughter’s WhatsApp status found it’s way to Nigel which prompted him to believe that her daughter voted for the NPP and that she had gone against the church.

The woman disclosed that her daughter was then cursed by Nigel to suffer for the rest of her life.

Narrating the ordeal herself, Bridget revealed that there are two church members in her WhatsApp and she thinks they were responsible for taking screenshots of her status and sending them off to Nigel.

According to Bridget, she received a call from Nigel asking her if she has a problem with him or the church for voting for the NPP.

Source / Atinkanews