Mahama jabs Otabil, calls him Names.

But in a sharp rebuttal, President Mahama described such apathy from the clergy on the political situation in Ghana as hypocritical.

Former President John Mahama and Pastor Mensah Otabil

Ex-President John Mahama has taken a swipe at the clergy and civil society groups in Ghana for their hypocrisy towards the current political situation in Ghana.

In a rant to NDC supporters in the United Kingdom, Mahama also went after the founder and leader of the International Central Gospel Church Mensa Otabil for some comments he made last week.

Mahama said, “Something is pardonable when one government is in power but when another is in power it’s unpardonable, things that the media would have been so loud about under my administration, it happens every day and it’s like it’s business as usual. That is the hypocrisy of our civil society and religious and traditional leaders, everybody is quiet, suddenly some say they don’t watch TV anymore and that they watch animals.”

Mensah Otabil is quoted to have said last week, “I will watch animals. I’ll watch cheetah, I’ll watch lion, I’ll watch antelope anytime… I’ll watch giraffes anytime because at least they’ll tell me how to hunt, how to get to your goal, how to avoid being eaten. I’ll learn that from an antelope. At least I’d come back and say: nobody will eat me. But you listen to Ghanaian radio, watch Ghanaian TV and you wonder; are we still here, the mediocrity?”.

But in a sharp rebuttal, President Mahama described such apathy from the clergy on the political situation in Ghana as hypocritical.

He said, “In our time they were not watching animals, they were watching political discussions. You’re now tired of too much politics…you’ll be tired, because your darling government is super incompetent and so you’re tired of hearing the analysis, that’s the hypocrisy we face in our country. So let us not buy into their propaganda”.

The NDC leader also bemoaned the current silence of civil society groups on the nepotism government President Akufo-Addo is running.

He added, “I never ever thought that Ghanaians will tolerate the level of nepotism in the government we see today, it’s terrible, I never ever thought. In our case one of our own said I was running a family and friends government and NPP took it up, when I had no blood relation of mine in government except for some lonely deputy minister, Joyce Bawa Mogtari, my aunt’s daughter. She was the only blood relation in my government and yet they said family and friends and when you ask where are they, they say ooo, but your own person said it.”

According to him, recognisable voices in the country are now turning deaf ears to issues that were treated as front burner under his administration.