LESBIANS are disturbing me in school for dates; I tell them I do ONLY men-Yaa Jackson

Kumasi-based songstress, Yaa Jackson has revealed that she is being harassed in school by homosexuals who are pestering her for a date.

The teenage actress who is in her third-year in an all-female Senior High School (SHS) denies being a lesbian but said she has on severally occasions been approached by her colleagues for a date.

There are a lot of men around what will I do with colleague women? I cannot criticize lesbians that what they do is right or wrong…I cannot criticize someone. That is her choice…that is what the person wants but I am not a homosexual”, she revealed in a recent interview.

In her view, it is not strange for persons in girls’ school to indulge in such acts but stated that she can never be party to such a practice because she does men.

“It is a girls’ school so it is not strange for lesbians to propose to me. They come to tell me that they want to date me but I turn them down”, she revealed.