Lanigiro vows to take Ghana Music To The Highest Level With “higher we going”

It’s very heartwarming knowing that we have amazing talents in Ghana and how determined they are to push to the top.

And whoever is familiar with songs from the camp of Lanigiro born Stephen Kwame Martey will be convinced that most underground or better still up and coming artistes in Ghana are far better, lyrically than most mainstream artistes.

Lanigiro who represents Afro pop and Dancehall is undoubtedly one chap Ghana music enthusiasts should be proud of considering his lyrical dexterity especially his upcoming release dubbed, “higher we going”.

In a chit-chat with DJ Budah on what triggered the production of his “higher we going” song, Lanigiro posited that it’s no joke to be an up and coming artist as the hustling is real and it motivate him to keep going. So, “higher we going” is a compilation of his personal experience in the music industry.

Consequently, he advised that it’s high time music enthusiasts considered giving underground artistes including himself the needed attention and they (up and coming musicians) have something good to offer the industry.

Keep visiting for Lanigiro’s “higher we going” song in the coming days.

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