Kofi B was shot in the Chest but the heart Attack was just a cover-up-Brother reveals in latest video!!!

A brother of the late Ghanaian highlife musician Kofi B ,Freddie Frimpong has revealed that the musician saw his death many days before he died.

According to Freddie, his late brother was actually shot in the chest and the heart attack is just a cover-up.

Speaking in an interview , Freddie revealed that though he believes the story his brother’s childhood friend Kofi Nti told the family but with the shooting was a spiritual thing.

According to him, he remembered that some years ago his late brother Kofi B told him about a dream he had in his sleep and the dream was so bad that Kofi B couldn’t do anything but just shaking.

Narrating the dream during the interview he stated that the musician told him that someone has shot him in the chest, penetrating the heart and looking at how serious the dream was he has called his Pastor who has asked him to come.

The brother continued that Kofi B was taken to one Pentecost Pastor somewhere around Pokuase, a suburb of Accra, to help them.

When his brother revealed the dream to the pastor they were told to do three days dry fasting,and after the fasting and prayers were done ,Kofi B’s life became normal.

The then added that the highlife musician became very spiritual since then he started serving God.