Ivorian musician accuses Shatta wale of stealing his ‘My Level’ song

One Ivorian Musician identified as “Benardio Oneside” who is looking for cheap publicity has accused Shatta Wale of stealing his “My Level” smash hit song.

So Benardio was interviewed by the Dedon Tsegah on HITZ FM where he made these damning allegations against Shatta Wale.

He claims he did the song earlier on in French just to hear Shatta Wale also release his English version.

To him, Shatta stole his song because he claims he did the song in Ghana with a music producer known as Zion Mega.

Benardio alleged that his music producer leaked the song to Shatta Wale for him to do his in an English version.

The Ivorian singer further said that he questioned Zion Mega that how did it came about that Shatta has released an English version of his song?

And Zion said he didn’t have any idea of how the song got leaked to Shatta but he believes it could be some of his boys who are close to Shatta that leaked the song.

Watch video below:

From the video above, you can see what this guy rather stole the song from Shatta Wale.

It appears he’s just lying for fame.