Is Rashida Black Beauty Pregnant? Rumours Say The 17 Year Old Girl Rekindled Her Affair With Ex-boyfriend Kushman & Now She’s Pregnant

Rashida Black Beauty
Did you miss Rashida Black beauty? Well, reports trickling in says that the 17-year-old girl who became famous on Social media after a video of her throwing jabs at her then ex-boyfriend leaked went viral is now pregnant.

We thought it was just a rumour but multiple sources from Berekum have confirmed that indeed the young girl is pregnant. the news says that her ex0boyfriend Kushman is responsible for the pregnancy.

It’s also reported that it’s now news in Berekum, where she stays.

It’s surprising that after all the advise Rashida had, she still got involved in pre-marital sex and is now pregnant. She came under heavy attack on Social media last year when another n*de video of herself leaked on Social media. What upset most people was the fact that a housefly was seen playing around her coochie.

So if you ever wondered what was wrong all this while, where she was and what she’s being up to, then that’s the news. Rashida is pregnant now.