INSIDER EXCLUSIVE: Over 90 Percent of Female Ghanaian Celebrities Are Posh Prostitutes—Serving the Rich and the Highest Bidders for About 5000 Dollars Per Weekend

Efia Odo And Fella Makafui
A Ghanaian Entertainment Industry person, within the film-making quarters, became boldly and that there are 90 percent of the female Ghanaian Celebrities are posh prostitutes, serving the s*xual needs of the rich and the highest bidders.

Fella Makafui, Efia Odo and Sista Afia’s social media warfare that, “look, the accusations from these girls to each other, about sleeping with politicians and rich men in Ghana is true.”The person added: “I know several of these celebrities who have spent weekends with certain rich men for 5,000 dollars and this is nothing new.”

All you have to do is tell any of them that a rich friend has landed from the United States or even Nigeria and the person wants their company for the weekend, in return for some good cash and over 90 percent of them will be tripping over this opportunity,” the industry insider said.

“Ask yourself this: what work are they doing? And how are they affording all those trips, cars and the houses they live in?” the film industry person stated.

During the conversation, the industry person said that marriage or strict commitment is bad business for these female celebrities and that’s why the majority of them are single or hide their relationships.