I’m Struggling In My Christian Life Because Of Temptations From Women-Kwesi Arthur

Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Arthur in an interview on the Delay Show has said that several temptations by women have made him lose focus in his Christian life.

According to him even though he’s not departed from his strict Christian upbringing, he has fallen to temptations from women on a few occasions.

” I don’t think have gone wayward because I don’t take alcohol or smoke. Yes, I have fallen some few times to the temptations from women but now I’m single because I want to focus on my music” Kwesi Arthur told Deloris Frimpong Manso a.k.a Delay on the Delay Show.

After ‘harnessing’ his musical talent in the Church of Pentecost, it was the desire of rapper Kwesi Arthur’s mother to see her son join the gospel music fraternity be it did not come into reality.

The mother of the Tema-based rapper wanted him to do gospel music because of his strong Christian background.

” Initially, she wasn’t happy with my music career path when I started. But now, I always play my songs for her to listen and she will be like, ‘I don’t like this word, take it out’ and all that. She has always been supportive though. “

” Her only wish was for me to do gospel music so when I came out with Woara, shewas very happy. The song is even her ringtone now” he said