I would be a big fool to spend my hard-earned cash on luxurious cars — Kalybos

In Ghana, and elsewhere around the globe, one thing that is associated with stardom is the acquisition of car, luxurious cars.

Many of Ghana’s celebrities can boast of owning a good number of cars.

Talk of Shatta Wale, who has about ten ‘powerful’ cars to his name; Jackie Appiah who recently flaunted her 2018-customized Maserati on social media. The list goes on and on.

However, Kalybos, comedian and actor, seems to hold a different view about owning posh cars.

He has stated, according to a report by Ghanacelebrities.com, that he would in no way spend his hard-earned money on acquiring luxurious cars.

According to Kalybos, he is very comfortable with this Toyota Camry, therefore, he sees no importance in adding another to it.

He added that buying a lot of cars, and posh ones for that matter, is not his priority, and that he is focusing on some important projects he needs to undertake.

“I would be a big pathetic fool to buy another car in addition to my Toyota Camry when I have a lot of important projects to work on,” Kalybos said.