May 17, 2021


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I go for prayers from Obinim, Commercial sex worker Farcadi disclose -Video

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Queen Farcadi opened up her lifestyle on delay show

Commercial sex business worker Farcadi recently made headlines, when she disclosed that she has slept with countless men from all the continents in the world.

During her interview on the Delay Show, the host asked her about her spiritual life and faith. In response, she admitted that she consults spiritualist for her spiritual guidance and protection in her line of work because she cannot do it by flesh and blood.

Spiritually, I don’t walk alone but I am not a witch. But sometimes you have to protect yourself because everyone walks with a spirit so you have to protect yourself too ” she said in Twi

Farcadi, however, added that she goes to church once a while and Bishop Obinim as one of the men of God she visits to receive prayers. “I go for prayers too., I mix it, once in a while I go to Obinim’s church,” she said.

Watch the interview below


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