May 17, 2021


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I Cannot Bang Fella Makafui, She’s Like A Kid Sister To Me – Medikal

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YOLO star Fella Makafui can now be described as a football being kicked by about twenty-two soccer players–she has been in the news lately for allegedly banging men for money and material gains.She was also in the news not too long ago for engaging in s*xual bouts with Ghanaian rapper, Medikal.

Now Rapper Medikal who was tagged by Ghanaians as a sham rapper has come out to clear his throat on his alleged s*xual affair with Fella Makafui.Well, whether he is telling the truth or not, only God knows.In a photo which popped up on social media in the wake and heat of their alleged s*xual affair, the posture of Medikal and Fella Makafui made the majority of Ghanaians to conclude that the two were banging each other.

Sister Debby, the girlfriend of Medikal was ridiculed on social media for allowing Fella Makafui to snatch her ‘school son’.Rapper Medikal in an interview with Andy Dosty said, “I am not dating Fella Makafui; she is like a kid sister to me. I knew her before she blew up.”On the question of whether his girlfriend, sister Debby is angry about the alleged s*xual affair between him and Fella Makafui, he said, “Debby is aware we are just friends”.

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