I am musically and lyrically better than Shatta Wale – Stonebwoy boasts

– Shatta Wale has over the years claimed to be the king of dancehall in Ghana

– But Stonebwoy has disputed that claim in a latest interview

– He has said he is better than Shatta Wale musically and lyrically

Tillylive.com has sighted a video of dancehall musician, Stonebwoy, in which he is claiming that he is lyrically and musically better than Shatta Wale.

According to Stonebwoy, he is better than Shatta Wale musically, lyrically, when it comes to music.

He added that Shatta Wale himself is aware that he Stonebwoy is smarter than him in the show business.

“…In the second place Shatta Wale cannot claim to be my match, he can never be like me, and he knows that.”

“Musically he is not better than I am, lyrically he is not better than I am. I beat him in a competition at Labadi, and that was in 2010, and I won a motor bike. That motorbike I sold it long time.”

“You know..he knows, that musically and lyrically I’m baddest,” Stonebwoy said.

The issue of who is a better dancehall artiste than the other is what has caused division between Stonebowy and Shatta Wale over the past years.

Wale has claimed that he is the dancehall king of Ghana, but Stonebwoy has often disputed that claim, insisting that he deserves that title.

The two have attacked each other through music – Shatta Wale with “Taking Over”, in which he refers to Stonebwoy has “Sergeant Lee…who claims to be in a comfortable lead..but knows nothing”

Stonebwoy has also sang: “Dirty Enemies” in which he is alleged to have advised Shatta Wale to be “careful else he ends up in a casket”

Stonebwoy has also urged Shatta Wale to be “wise and responsible” in a latest post.