Hitzgh media has lunch a new site called my hitxgh.com

Ghana best entertainment website ,Hitzgh has lunch a new uploaded site called my hitxgh. Com,The site was created to help people upload and share file in an easy way for free,you can upload pictures and share file with it,however the CEO of Hitzgh media Kwame Anane’added more file extension to be upload with the maximum size of 20mb and 3files at a time. kindly visit my Hitxgh.com and singup to upload pictures and share files for free

    1. Visit the url my.hitxgh.com or my.hitzgh.com and CLICK the box with text “Drag Your Files – Photos to Upload or click to browse” or if you are using PC you can drag & drop the file in the box
    2. Browse through your PC or phone to select file, the file will automatically upload after clicking on it. After upload it will open a new page where you have the option to send file through email or click on the file name to open the link to your file as in the picture below..
    3. After clicking on the file name its link open, you will see the file name, its extension and number of downloads, also you will have the option to share your file via major social media platforms by clicking on its corresponding icon. check image below..
    4. 20180312 155142 576x1024 - HitzGh Media Introduces