Ghanaian Christians Are Judgemental Hypocrites – Efia Odo

Actress Efia Odo, who recently revealed that she has become born again out of fear in the wake of Ebony’s death, has attacked Christians in Ghana and how they approach the religion.

According to her, most Christians are judgemental hypocrites and are completely unaware of how Christianity should actually be practised.Speaking to SVTV in a recent interview, Odo said God does not look at outward appearances like Christians think but he actually looks at your heart to make his decision on who is really his child.

“The thing with Christians is that they like to look at people and say that oh this girl is bad just because of the way the person looks,” she said., adding that is not what really matters to God.

“Christianity and religious people feel they know God but they don’t know God one bit” Efia added.