There’s dichotomy between man and woman on superiority basis in most part of the world. Besides this heated argument, all we see is male superiority and chauvinism everywhere.
Indeed, the world is unfair to females.
Where did women go wrong? Is it because she ate the forbidden fruit? She shouldn’t wail but rather face consequence of the fruit she ate?
Subject not yourself to cerebropathy and make reference from oldies…..the men did a lot and even worse, as in ‘lawful’ womanizing which King Solomon relates. And they were applauded, why is it that this generation wants to change the narrative? Women want to compete with men in a more negative way which is “bedmatics”? Shaking my head.
Women!! I welcome all your excuses BUT not the s*x brouhaha. Never try to compete with the men because you must be a ‘carrier’ of genuine foetus of a man and not men.
Excuse me to remind you how easily you contract STD’s. Don’t forget how you suffer to treat it as well.
As a woman, imagine how beautiful it is for you to have one man for yourself.
Comparison in cheating? Am afraid for you dearie.

You have more powers and you need to utilize it in a more positive way. If not so, men wouldn’t go about chasing DNA tests to ascertain whether they’re the real fathers of that babies you brought to this world.
I’m not trying to be an epitome of male chauvinism, but i entreat you to reminisce, from scriptures and the little you are witnessing from our close oldies who ‘managed’ their men deeds. Please you can change the status quo with a more pleasing excuses, other than multiple dates.
Try multiple date and see who’s going to be called ‘names’, who suffers ridicule.
See, a woman does it and they call her harlot, a man does the same thing and we take it to be a normal thing… are aware, so why trying to compete? It’s a sad thing though, you guys are always at the receiving end.
My dear ladies, hold on to what is right, we need that pride of yours, don’t follow “some” men and change for the worse.
You are a ‘tender’ creature and they are the ‘hardest’. Nature makes them rulers, you can compete and support them in ruling, not otherwise.
Hold on to the sweet Akan titles such as; Aketesia, Obaapa, Ababaawa, Ohemaa, Ab)de3 mu Kaakyire, etc.
I LOVE YOU ALL.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

source ; Fobi Emmanuel