Fella Makafui and Medikal’s are still together and their breakup is fake, Sister Derby knows it too

CONFIRMED: Fella Makafui and Medikal’s breakup is Fake and even Sister Derby knows it too

Ghanaian Songstress sister Derby stated that Medikal and Fella Makafui are trying faked their relationship break up news just to chase clouts for a future plan which is known to them only.

An instagram blogger FameBugs has gathered exclusive reports that shows the two lovers are still in their relationship.

According to the Instagram blogger, the lovers latest breakup story which is gaining more attention online is nothing but a clout chasing plot they are executing.

Also the Instagram bloggers hammered on the fact that their breakup is not for any hype reasons on their future projects.

The new gist states that their managements are capitalizing on the ‘Fella copy copy’ issue raised by Wanlov the Kubolor to get the full attention of from the media.

The Instagram blog page added that even their plan is known to Sister Derby and provided Sister Derby’s tweets that showed she’s aware of their jokes.

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CONFIRMED! Medikal And Fella Makafui’s Breakup Is Fake And Even Sister Derby Knows It Too • • Medifui claims to have broken up BUT exclusive information FameBugs has gathered, has it that THE BREAK UP IS FAKE. In case you don’t know, we’ve laid gossip pipelines made by duraplast into the relationship of Medifui so wherever they go, the gossip will still flow to us. If you’ve not forgotten, it’s FameBugs that first broke the news that the two are dating before they even confirmed it publicly themselves. Our reliable sources in this matter plus information we’ve picked strongly indicates that the couple’s latest breakup story, which is gaining attention online, is only a clout chasing plot they are executing. We’ve also learned that the staged breakup is not to hype any project of theirs in particular. The lovers with their managements just decide to capitalize on the “Fella copy copy” brouhaha which Wanlov sparked, to attract showbiz attention. Just at the preparation of this report, we’ve also seen a tweet from Medikal’s ex-girlfriend, Sister Derby, also saying that the breakup is fake. If two frogs come out from the water to tell you the crocodile is not dead, better believe it! Deets when you [Swipe] _______________________________________________________ #FameBugs #Ghana #Medifui #Medikal #FellaMakafui #SisterDerby #Actress #Rapper #Model #GhanaNews #Lovers #Breakup #Elchapo #Ghanaian #Celebrities #Gossip #Enews #FameBugs

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