Evangelist Addai Explains The Meaning Of Alfie In New Video – Dares Vivian Jill To Also Come Out With The Meaning Of Her Son’s Name

Self-acclaimed man of God who is lately being tagged as a mad man by some people and most popular actress Vivian Jill has blasted again!

In a video, the evangelist has sought to explain some Ghanaian names including Alfie, Vivian Jill’s son’s name

According to him, Alfie means one who is produced at home; he revealed ‘Al‘ means home and ‘fie‘, total which means totally produced from home.

Evangelist Emmanuel Addai who is known for making damning allegations against Ghanaian celebrities has for the past week been involved with actress Vivian Jill Lawrence.

He has noted the actress has been sleeping with her own son Clinton (her firstborn) and he fathered her second son Alfie

Although the actress has released a video to respond to such allegations and warned the so-called man of God to consider retracting his statement, he is out again adding more pain to her injury.