May 18, 2021


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Ebony’s Ghost Haunts My Sleep – Claims Attention Seeking Lunatic AKA Prophet Who Foresaw Her Death

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It’s amazing how one death can bring someone else so much fame! Two months ago nobody knew who Prophet Nigel Gaisie was but after claiming to have predicted Ebony’s death, he’s all over the media.

The anaemic Ghanaian media, which is allergic to real journalism, love having on ‘prophets’ to talk about their supernatural nonsense and Gaisie, due to the ‘street cred’ he’s gathered for correctly predicting a death, is now all over the place.Every radio and tv station wants a piece of him.

Now this prophet is still milking Ebony’s death for all he can to maintain his fame and in a recent interview, he’s claiming that Ebony’s ghost has been haunting his visions.Gaisie claims when Ebony was alive, he prophesied her death and instead of listening she insulted him on social media.

“Ebony’s spirit has visited me… 1, 2,3… 14 times. You remember she came to Instagram to insult me when I told her God revealed to me she will die… but I know it was not her fault. Some spirits and forces were pushing her.

” he said.“Yes, I am saying she came to me 1, 2, 3, 4… 14 times! Yes! And you see, the recent video of her at the mortuary is for rituals to bind her soul, they want to prevent her from going after her killers”,Gaisie advised Ebony’s family to spiritually seek the root of her death.

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