June 19, 2021


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Ebony Is Dead: Thank God She Is No More – An Open Letter –

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If the demise of Ebony Reigns had occurred before January 18, 2018, the question I would have asked is, “who is Ebony?”

It sounds funny but she wasn’t operating from the realm of my musical dimension. The lyrical content of this music was so good, and I couldn’t stop myself from nodding. So I asked the name of the artist and title of the song. That was when I was given the name, Ebony and ‘Maame Hwe’ as the title of the song.

Further research about her revealed that she was an embodiment of musical nudity (bad girl)- just the female version of Shatta Wale. Ebony’s lyrical dexterity was unquestionable; golden talent residing inside a ‘bad girl’. She wasn’t supposed to be going almost naked in her videos and stage performances. In an interview with Delay, Ebony was so honest and genuine that she didn’t even hide her sexual exploits. I fell in love with her genuineness and honesty but pitied her. I didn’t pity her base on cultural grounds but I did that based on the mass attitude towards her. She obviously did not know Ghanaians hate honest people. She did not know that Ghanaians want people to be 100% perfect and we hate people who expose their human flaws. I wouldn’t defend her shabby dressing even a second as a Ghanaian culture advocate.

When the news broke out that Ebony was dead, it did not take long for the religious opportunists to attack her instead of sympathising with her family. Many Ghanaian religious writers harnessed the opportunity to declare how decent they dress unlike Ebony. They alleged her death to her nudity whilst remaining silent on why decently dressed Christians and Muslims also die in gory lorry accidents. It is so pathetic that Ghanaians have been conditioned to mostly analyse issues from religious lenses. God has finally struck Ebony, the jubilation of the religious folks. But the question we need to assess is that, “is nudity the only sin our culture and religions frown upon that will cause God to transmigrate someone who was aged 20?”

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