I don’t care whether people say I’m a sakawa boy – Medikal

The issue of many Ghanaian celebrities being tagged as ‘scammers’ has over some time now been a topic of great interest.

Many young hard-working artistes who tend to make a blow and start to live a lavish life is either attributed to ‘scam’ or other dubious means of earning income as in the case of rapper AMG Medikal.

The above-mentioned budding rapper who won 2019 VGMAs Rapper Of The Year has washed off his hands on anything scamming as Ghanaians have been made to believe. Remember that AMG Medikal has been accused times without number of being a Sakawa boy or otherwise known as fraudster.

Consequently, he has tried on many occasions to tell the world that his money is legit but this Sakawa question keeps coming. According to Medikal, he’s now tired of explaining himself that he’s not a Sakawa boy, and so people should say whatever they want to say, and that it’s all the blessings of God.

On Okay FM with Abeiku Santana, when asked again whether it’s true he made his money through Sakawa, he said,

“I’m tired of even answering this question. Yoo, I don’t care whether people say i do Sakawa or not, i’m happy, it’s God who’s blessed me, and i can’t do anything about it, it’s all the blessing of God that I have money.”

On whether it’s music that made him got all the money and has bought cars and bought houses, he said; “God has blessed me at an early age, i have started making money before i started music”.