Current Gospel Musicians Don’t Have Content – Kwaku Gyasi

Veteran Ghanaian gospel musician Kwaku Gyasi who has been in the gospel industry or over a decade has expressed his dissatisfaction over present day Ghanaian musicians stating that most gospel musicians off late lack spiritual content in their music.

The “Ayeyi” singer in a close interview with SVTV Arica said he doesn’t qualify Gospel musicians as proclaimers of the Gospel anymore. He continued by saying that he doesn’t see any Gospel musician rising to the standards laid down by the older gospel singers.

“In my opinion, these gospel musicians don’t sing the Gospel to the satisfaction of the soul. Most of them do not have contents and they are also not rising towards the standards we the older musicians have laid down for them.” Kwaku Gyasi stated.
Kwaku Gyasi, however, advised recent times Gospel musicians to push to the high standards set for them by their predecessors and try to stay at the apex of their career.

Kwaku Gyasi says the only Ghanaian gospel musician with great Gospel standards is “Me boafo ne Awurade” singer Obaapa Christy.

Supporting his words, the elevated singer explained that she knows how to weave her way through every genre of Gospel music.

“When you take her visual aspects, vocal aspects instruments she is so great.” Kwaku Gyasi added

He explained that he is not being biased because he has a song with her but “he who climbs a good tree deserves a push.”