Criss Waddle Dashes One Old Woman With GH¢5000 & The Reason Is Encouraging

Criss Waddle
Criss Waddle
They say, one good turn deserves another. Simply put, if someone does you a favour, you should take the chance to repay it. In view of this, musician Criss Kwaku Waddlehas put to work the above assertion.

The CEO of Arab Money Gang (AMG) business in a latest post on Facebook has recounted how one woman used to help him growing up. According to the musician, the woman who happens to be a rice seller then once gave him 50 pesewas to school when he misplaced his pocked money. He posted on Facebook that:

Years ago I misplaced My school chop Money being 50 pesewas and a rice seller gave me some in return,this morning I gave 5,000cedis to the same person that use to give me 50 pesewas back then without even remembering she helped me before,see life is funny,after I gave her he help,she reminded me of our encounter years ago,this is what I figured after she reminded me about everything from the past …that We actually reap what we sow before we all leave Earth,if your wish is to do good today,do it without expectations so that when ur reward comes whiles u r on earth,u will see how God works in miraculous ways #AmGBUSiNESS”.

We do believe this act of generosity from the camp of Criss Waddle is worthy of emulation by Ghanaians. This is because man will certainly reap whatever he sow someday according to the Christian sacred book.

See official post below: