“Bobolebobo” man demands Compensation from the NDC

Ghanaian gospel musician, Evangelist I.K. Aning’s song, “Bobolebobo” became the talk of town after the National Democratic Congress (NDC) remixed the song for their campaign at the just ended 9th National Delegates Congress. He has come out to demand compensation for the song.
Speaking in an interview on Kumasi 104.1FM on Tuesday, 20 November 2018, Evangelist Aning said he was not consulted before his song was used by the NDC. He is therefore demanding some compensation for the use of his creative property.

According to him, he is refraining from taking the matter to court and so he is hoping that negotiations between his manager and the NDC will prove futile and he will be duly compensated.

He also added that he had to go for a loan to promote the song after the producers failed to help him in that regard. Hence, he needs all the compensation he can get for his song.