January 21, 2022


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Why can’t we do what others do? -The Seer Asked

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Why can’t we do what others do? -The Seer Asked
Why can’t we do what others do? -The Seer Asked

It’s 11:30 PM in my local time when Philip The Seer began asking himself difficult questions and started having shocking answers.

Why is Ghana not working to have its own vaccine for covid 19 that can be sold to the world? Why do we rely on western efforts for a vaccine on a pandemic that has similar symptoms to the most common diseases we have in the country like malaria? Why are most countries in Africa precisely Ghana, where I come from, are not highly affected like the western world but failed to take advantage of the situation which can benefit the country economically.

The current world is being controlled by thinkers and smart countries who have the ability and wisdom to create and solve problems. Our University of science and technology succeeded the Kumasi college of technology established on 6th October 1952 about 69 years ago aims have not been fully utilized. The dream was to produce strong human labor for the country in the science and technology sector. If science and technology were the keys to my country’s success then am sorry because inappropriate policies and directions have changed the padlock.

Just a while ago Gas and oil were leading the world trading market till the first ship arrived on the earth with coronavirus. Pharmaceuticals companies, science and technology, and countries with powerful human resources are waving their flags with enjoyment and authority. Could that be the same in my country Ghana? A search for a vaccine at the moment is not just to save mankind but to have authority, money, and power. We are under no tension or pressure to assemble our scientists together with our Pharmaceutical companies and herbal experts to run through our herbs and come with a result of getting a vaccine.

if you think we have not reached such an advanced stage as a country to task ourselves with such responsibility till future to come then I will quickly give a test question, differentiates between wisdom and common sense? Or what is the importance of good health? I believe at this moment owning a high deposit of natural resources is irrelevant. We are been favored because we have more villages than cities and it makes spreading of the virus very slow, we have good weather which withstands the strength of the virus, we have good foods and herbs that are good for the immune system, is this not enough to take advantage to save the world better in this bad era but not to wait for support?

The Seer dreamt and saw all our science and technology institutions been renamed as learning for certificate centers, our scientists were also books writers and radio commentators while our herbal experts are seen as idols worshippers. Bad days ahead for all poor countries who could not stand and solve their own problems particularly on health as they will be left alone if the said situation is solely related to them.

If we will address these key matters and fix them as expected, my country Ghana will smile again if not may history be our witness.

Philip The seer.

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