7. May Improve Memory, Attention and Mood

Eating grapes may benefit your brain health and boost your memory.

In a 12- week study in 111 healthy older adults, 250 mg of a grape supplement per day significantly improved scores on a cognitive test measuring attention, memory and language compared to baseline values (31Trusted Source).

Another study in healthy young adults showed that drinking about 8 ounces (230 ml) of grape juice improved both the speed of memory-related skills and mood 20 minutes after consumption (32Trusted Source).

Studies in rats have shown that resveratrol improved learning, memory and mood when taken for 4 weeks (33Trusted Source).

Additionally, the rats’ brains showed signs of increased growth and blood flow (33Trusted Source).

Resveratrol may also help protect against Alzheimer’s disease, though studies in humans are needed to confirm this (34Trusted Source).