MrrrDaisy Features Kudjoe Daze On New Single Titled ‘Hunny’

Written by Matilda
MrrrDaisy Features Kudjoe Daze On New Single Titled 'Hunny'

MrrrDaisy Features Kudjoe Daze On New Single Titled ‘Hunny’

Artists that use their songs to express their personal emotions and concerns are sometimes found in the music industry. Your ears will pick up on it in their voices as well as their arrangements and even in the instruments that they play or use during their live performances.

Because they are informed of the true source of the artist’s distress, the listener is overcome with a great sense of emotional pleasure when listening to the music. They will be able to sense the sadness, but they will never be able to understand why. MrrrDaisy is one example of such a creative individual. The fact that his music is highly ethnic does not prevent him from inducing butterflies in our stomach.

This follows a fruitful start to the year, which culminated in the publication of a new song featuring Kudjoe Daze, one of Ghana’s most talented male singers. The firm is looking forward to what the remainder of the year has in store for the company. In the New Year, MrrrDaisy is back on the scene with a brand new piece of music to get you in the mood for dancing. It was around this time period that he released his debut song, “The One,” which featured Jessy Gh, who is widely considered to be Ghana’s greatest rapper from the Volta Region, and which was certified platinum as a result of his efforts to promote undiscovered musicians in the country. 

The song has been aired on BBC Radio Nottingham, Amazing Radio UK, and in the United States, as well as on Wigwam radio in the United Kingdom and other countries, as a result of its widespread acceptability. It has gotten more than 200,000 streams overall, which is rather outstanding considering the music has been released across a variety of different digital media.

He and his firm were also offered with an almost endless number of options as a result of this function, which was a welcome addition. Newton Faulkner, British duo Ferris & Sylvester, North London artist Biyi, who is also a rugby union player, Indonesian yoga queen Wai Lana, Alaina Lohan, Miraa May, Jessica Braithwaite, Sam Tompkins, Da Beatfreakz, Bomberjak, Demarco, and a slew of other notable names were among those who shopped at the boutique.

With a mid-tempo rhythm, “Hunny” is an Afro-fusion song that tells the story of a young man who falls head over heels in love with a lady who is much out of his league. It is the singer’s objective in this song to demonstrate his underlying yearning for his love interest by engaging in acts of hard labour and charitable giving in an effort to win back her passion and love. With the exception of a few words in French, most of the 3:11 sec is written and sung in English, Pidgin English, and Ewe, among other languages, with the exception of a few words in English (a local Ghanaian language).

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