There’s spreading of rumours that Stonebwoy and his manager Blakk Cedi is having misunderstanding which is unwelcoming to the ears of Bhim fans. According to unsubstantiated hearsays by persons close to Bhim camp, disagreement ensued between Blak Cedi and Stonebwoy during their “Shuga tour” which may have caused a split. The said dissension sent the manager back to Ghana while Stone and his wife remained in Europe for the tour.

People even suggest his wife is the one going to manage him as the artiste continue to post beautiful pictures of he and the wife whilst on tour.
When interviewed by Andy Dosty on live radio, Stonebwoy said; “the best thing so far this 2019 European Tour is, my wife has been with me most part of my tour and still with me, and so i’m so enjoying this 2019 European Tour.” With this comment, some people concluded that indeed things aren’t alright with Stonebwoy and Blak Cedi.

Stonebwoy and Blakk Cedi’s relationship has been the best over years, to the extent he made Blakk Cedi one of his grooms during his wedding ceremony. They’re more of a brother than manager and artiste, so it’s hard to believe it when issues of pertinence are said to have separated both. Others allege the misunderstanding is as a result of how Stonebwoy and his signed artistes; Kelvyn buoy and OV should be managed under same record label.

But this new picture of the team going viral seems disesteeming every rumour and brings back joy on the faces of Bhim Nation fans in Ghana and across borders. With this picture, one can state emphatically that there’s nothing unusual happening within the team and probably they’re in studios cooking something nice so people should watch out for more great songs coming from the Bhim camp.

source ; Fobi