Becca Pregnant Before Her Marriage Ceremony ??

Rumours circulating on social media from an undisclosed source reported Becca to be Pregnant before her marriage ceremony.

The popular multi award winning songstress Becca as known in the Music scene Born Rebecca Acheampong whose marriage took place over the weekend was said to have gotten pregnant before her marriage ceremony.

Reports and rumours reaching us indicate that the “Hw3” hit maker and her Nigerian Husband Dr Sanni Tobi have eaten the forbidden fruit and got it chocked them , And it was the major reason that has forced them to tie the knot as quickly as possible to save their face .

The glamorous marriage of the wedded couples as the rumours indicated was not intended to take place as this early but due to the accidental fruit ( pregnancy) that has germinated , they needed to make it a quick one to prevent any ill comments or embarrassment before the public .

The marriage ceremony of the songstress and her lawful husband took place over the weekend at the forecourt of the Accra Airport .

There were quiet a good numerous fellow local and other international celebrities in attendance to graced the celebration of their special union .