September 21, 2021


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Policeman called me a ‘rascal’-Shatta explains his anger with Cop

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Policeman called me a ‘rascal’-Shatta explains his anger with Cop
Self-acclaimed Dancehall King, Shatta Wale born Charles Nii Armah Mensah has been explaining the reason behind his altercation with the police over his unregistered Range Rover Vehicle.

In a video that went viral on Saturday, a uniformed Policeman is seen asking Shatta Wale and his friends to follow him to the Police Station but a humble Shatta Wale is spotted talking to him and asking him to resolve their differences amicably.

But the Policeman who was not moved by his status in society did not agree but asked that Shatta Wale and his team move with him to the Police Station.

Shatta Wale at the latter part of the video appears to have lost his cool following the persistent refusal by the Cop to listen to their plea, started his usual rants and drove off with the vehicle disregarding the Policeman’s orders.

Giving an account of what actually transpired on Entertainment Review, he revealed he gave the vehicle to his boys to send to the washing bay to be washed when he was accosted by the police and asked to produce its documents.

His boy informed him about the development and he, therefore, rushed to the scene to rescue the situation.

He said:” My guy told the police he does not own the car so he will call me, the owner… My boy called, I went there and realized I knew the policeman. He is my uncle; I was just trying to get him into the car because I realized people were taking shots. I know the media. Whoever took the video didn’t try. He is my uncle, I love him so much”

According to him, what actually resulted in his flaring up was when the policeman he said is an uncle referred to him as a rascal.

“He actually used the word ‘rascal’ on me and that was when I got pissed,”

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