Amanda, ex-wife of Afriyie Acquah reacts to the player’s viral private video

Ex-wife of Afriyie Acquah, Amanda has also broken her silence on the trending news and has shared her opinion.

Monday, September 9, 2019, a private video of Ghanaian footballer Afriyie Acquah was mistakenly uploaded by the Ghanaian footballer on his Snapchat.

After the video hit the internet, many people commented, slamming the football star.

Few years ago, Amanda also had her own private video where she was seen satisfying herself with a deodorant container emerged online when she was still married to Afriyie Acquah.

She believes her ex-hubby’s negligence caused that video to be popped up and now it’s his time to for him to suffer the same bashing she had from Ghanaians.

Responding to comments on Instagram, Amanda typed “Not a single person who has played me ended up in a better situation.

God will deal with you. If you let your side chic steal your wives videos from your phone, God will let you post your own , Karma.”

See screenshot below :